Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Raleigh Massage

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Absolute Body Balance Massage offers new clients a special discount on their first one hour massage as an incentive to try one of our licensed professional massage therapists. Your first one hour massage is only $55 and we have six experienced massage therapists to assist you. Your specific complaint or concern will help determine which massage therapist would be best for you. She will customize the massage for your individual needs, especially if you have pain or an specific muscle concern. 

Absolute Body Balance specializes in therapeutic, sports, medical and prenatal massage. Our therapists are experienced in deep tissue, sports, trigger point and relaxation massage modalities. Hot Stone, Reflexology, Manual Lymph Drainage, Kinesio Taping and Cupping Massage are also provided.

Office hours are Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 4pm, by appointment only. Pleas call the office at 919-841-9344 to schedule or feel free to visit the website at www.absolutebodybalance.com for more information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Massage for Headaches

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Raleigh Medical Massage 
From time to time, we all experience headaches. Some people experience them more than others. They can range from a nagging feeling of discomfort to a more serious pain that can make us lose focus at work and at home, become more irritable, and just simply put us in a bad mood. And for those afflicted with migraine headaches, the pain can be completely debilitating. For many of us, the solution to a headache has been to reach for ibuprofen or other painkillers. This can sometimes relieve the pain, but the underlying problem still exists. Luckily, the number of headaches you experience can be greatly reduced with a few easy stretches, some healthy habits, and a little pampering.

One of the best ways to get to the root of your headaches is to reduce the tension that's causing them. A build up of tension in the muscles of the neck, shoulders and head often triggers tension headaches. Massage therapy can bring relief by decreasing pain, reducing this tension and increasing circulation.

Massage loosens the trigger points and blockages that are brought on by the muscle tension, cause headaches to occur and to come back again and again. Metabolic waste builds up in our muscle fibers from overuse and strain, which hardens and stiffens them and decreases the healthy flow of fluid from tight and inflamed muscles. A trained massage therapist will access the muscles that may be causing headaches and treat them by breaking down, loosening, and removing this buildup.

That's the science behind the benefits of massage. But what you care about most is that massage can decrease the pain you feel from headaches, reduce depression and anxiety, decrease the overall tension you feel, and reduce the frequency, intensity, and duration of headaches. But massage alone isn't the only cure.

Between massage visits it is important to relax. With busy schedules and hectic lives this is easier said than done. But even simply reducing the amount of time you spend in front of a computer or looking at screens can increase relaxation and decrease your stress and tension levels.

Another tip is to heat or cool your head and neck. The choice of heating or cooling is up to you and what your body needs. Improving the ergonomic conditions of your workspace can also be helpful. Wearing a headset if you spend a great deal of time on the phone reduces shoulder strain. Simply repositioning your computer monitor can make you feel better. Many people sit too close to the monitor, or too low in their chairs which causes us to lean our heads forward adding unwanted tension on muscles and joints.

It's also imperative that we stay hydrated. Many people do not drink enough water on a daily basis, and drinks with caffeine and sugar that give us energy are often dehydrating us and causing our headaches. A good rule of thumb for how much water we need is to divide our body weight in half and drink that number in ounces of water each day. For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds should be drinking at least 75 fluid ounces of water on a daily basis. This can be adjusted depending on exercise and exposure to heat.

And finally, remember to stay mobile. Taking a break from work each hour to stretch reduces tension and increases circulation. You want long, slow stretches, holding for 8-10 seconds. Use this time to get up, fill your water bottle, or walk around and shake it out.

Following some of these easy tips can reduce the frequency of your headaches. If you want to really get relief from the pain and annoyance that headaches cause, or to identify the root of the problem, spending some time with a skilled massage therapist could be the answer. Absolute Body Balance has qualified, trained massage therapists and offers a new client discount for your first massage; $55 one-hour massage. Call 919-841-9344 or visit http://www.absolutebodybalance.com to schedule.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Raleigh Prenatal Massage

Raleigh Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

A common question many massage therapists are asked is whether massage is safe while you're pregnant, and the answer is: YES! Not only is it safe, but research shows that women who get massages regularly throughout their pregnancy have lesser aches and pains, fewer complications during labor, and improved overall newborn health. Our day-to-day can be stressful enough, but having to deal with it all on top of being pregnancy can be taxing on the body (and baby). Just like what you eat can affect your baby, so can massage help not only you-- but your plus one as well.

So how does massage affect you? As is with regular massage, it can: relax muscle tension, reduce swelling, and increase circulation. Massage has also been shown to help regulate hormones during pregnancy. Getting ready to have a baby can be fun, but stressful. Many pregnant women can experience increased anxiety and even depression. Massage helps to decrease cortisol and norepinphrine levels (aka: stress) and increases dopamine and serotonin levels (aka: your feel good hormones). The more stressed a mother is, the likelier her baby is to have a lower birth weight or other complications during labor and after birth. Less stress, physical and emotional, means a happier and healthier mommy and baby. Hormonal regulation also means pregnant moms have improved cardiovascular health, which is especially helpful the bigger baby gets, and the more squeezed things become. It can also mean fewer and less severe mood swings!

Besides just the emotional benefits of prenatal massage, there are many physical ones as well. As the baby grows, the uterus can weigh down the pelvis, pulling the lower back and hip muscles forward. This can cause lower back pains and even sciatica. Sciatica is characterized by shooting pains, tingling, or numbness down one or both legs. And when the pelvis is off-balance this can potentially put more pressure on the upper back, shoulders, and neck-- leading to tension and pain there as well. Loosening the muscles can allow the hips to realign themselves, as much as they can during pregnancy, and take some of the pressure off the rest of the back. This also reduces the swelling and tension that can pinch the sciatic nerve. Not only can massage do all this, but even more. During pregnancy women can have trouble sleeping. Reducing muscle aches and emotional stress can lead to improved sleep as well. And with a baby on the way, getting all the sleep you can get is a must!

Most massage therapists recommend routine massage from 12 weeks, or from the beginning of the second trimester, on. Women can receive massage up until the due date and even if they go past. While prenatal massage is obviously safe, there are certain pressure points on the wrists and ankles generally associated with uterus stimulation. Making sure you choose a therapist who is certified in prenatal massage is very important! A knowledgeable massage therapist knows to avoid these specific spots unless you are past 38 weeks, when it is safe to go into labor, and are hoping to "speed" things along. A well-trained massage therapist knows how to avoid or work on these few specific spots! It should be noted that, like many wives' tales, this will not make things happen that aren't ready (sorry ladies).

Just like you go for regular prenatal check ups, massage is a wonderful addition to any pregnant woman's routine! And with so many great benefits, who wouldn't want to? Absolute Body Balance offers a $55 new client special for a 60 minute massage with one of our prenatal massage certified therapists. By appointment only, you can schedule by phone at 919-841-9344 or online at www.absolutebodybalance.com.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Deep Tissue Massage in Raleigh

Raleigh Medical Massage
Best Raleigh Massage
Many clients seek massage therapy to ease tension and to relieve pain, but what is the best approach? Is more pressure better than less? And what exactly is deep tissue massage? Let's start with the basics, the bread and butter of massage therapy, the scoop of vanilla in the ice cream sundae...Swedish massage.

Swedish massage is the root of most therapies practiced today because it is the building block of a relaxing massage. Swedish massage can be very light pressure to medium and Swedish is fluid, gliding over superficial layers of muscle to promote relaxation and increase circulation. If a client is not relaxed, their muscles are still tense and that's not a good level to start digging in deeper. Instead, we are trained to use Swedish massage to relax the client, warm up the tissue and knead the muscles. Healthy blood flows, full of oxygen, to all the tissues to promote healing.

While using the Swedish techniques to warm up the muscles, a skilled therapist is also using the lighter pressure to assess the situation. If a therapist is going in all elbows, full-steam ahead, it is likely they will miss an important clue to the puzzle. Therapists can feel areas of tension; they may notice a muscle pulling the structure out of alignment or they may rub over a knot. Every client is different, so we start at a base level to gauge their pain tolerance. The therapist will add other techniques that may require more or less pressure, especially where clients feel a knot.

Every muscle has two points of attachment in the body; as the attachments move closer, the muscle flexes. If it flexes too much, too abruptly and/or for too long a duration it can form an adhesion, aka knots. The major difference that separates a Swedish and deep tissue massage is in the intention of the therapist in addressing these knots. Some muscles are stacked on top of each other, so no amount of heavy Swedish is truly going to address a knot deep in the layers. A skilled therapist is aware of which muscles are superficial and which muscles are deep, and how to access these areas.

Most deep tissue techniques require consistent, med-heavy pressure that begins at one attachment point and continues on the path of the muscle all the way to the other attachment point. At this point, your therapist may direct your breathing or ask you to focus on the tenderness or pain in the area. Because not all pain is created equal, we gather more clues to the puzzle and tow the line of client's comfort. Wincing and holding your breath is not beneficial to promote circulation. It's definitely acceptable to say "That pressure may be a little much" so that the therapist gains more information from you during the massage.

At Absolute Body Balance, our licensed therapists take the time with each client to discuss the reason for their visit as well as goals for the massage. This information is used to best determine a treatment plan that works within the clients availability and budget. Since one massage is not going to correct years of poor posture or heal a torn muscle, it is best for clients to communicate their expectations so that the therapist can give them a truer sense of what they can accomplish.

If you think you could benefit from massage therapy, please call us at 919-841-9344. We'd be happy to answer your questions about therapeutic massage and help you decide what is right for you. Please visit our website, www.absolutebodybalance.com for more information.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Massage for Fibromyalgia

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Have the aches and pains of fibromyalgia robbed you of your energy and vitality? If so, then massage therapy might be just what you need to help put some spring back in your step. Research has shown that receiving massages on a regular basis reduces stress and pain and helps the body function in a more well-balanced way.

What is fibromyalgia? It is said to be a chronic painful condition that produces musculoskeletal pain and tenderness at specific locations in the body, pain and swelling in the joints, chronic sleep problems, and fatigue. Recently, massage therapy has become extremely popular among fibromyalgia patients. Massage works to reduce pain; eliminate stiffness; increase blood circulation to the muscles, allowing for faster muscle repair; and improve sleep patterns among a number of other health benefits. Massage helps manage the pain in fibromyalgia sufferers because it stimulates the central nervous system by enhancing the production of certain pain blockers, including endorphins and serotonin. These hormones work to counteract pain signals conducted by the brain; thus, dramatic pain relief in the client.

Ask your therapist what type of massage will work best for you, but most will advise a Swedish massage would work best for most clients starting out. This will allow your therapist get an overall assessment of your problem areas. The routine can consist of light to moderate pressure and stroking of the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet. As you progress with your massage treatments, your therapist may suggest having some myofascial work performed, which will help relieve tightness in the connective tissue or fascia. When done properly, it may decrease the connective tissue’s pull on bones, allowing muscle fibers to relax and lengthen. Your therapist may also carry out some passive stretching; another approach to reducing muscle tension and spasms. Your therapist will perform the stretch while you fully relax. This increases range of motion and helps with the loss of flexibility often seen in fibromyalgia patients.

There are many different fibromyalgia treatments available and each person needs a customized treatment program. Adding massage once a month or every other week can dramatically help with your symptoms and alleviate the pain. It’s important to work with your doctor to find a new combination of approaches that fit your lifestyle while addressing your unique needs. Remember, in the area of soreness reduction nothing works faster than massage!

Absolute Body Balance offers a new client special so you can try one of our licensed experienced massage therapists for only $55 at your first one hour massage. By appointment only, 919-84109344 or www.absolutebodybalance.com.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Summertime Massage

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Summer is here! Many of us are increasingly active with more daylight hours and thoughts of a better beach body so we are doing more and maybe even doing some new exercises and fitness routines. We may also be experiencing new aches and pains from muscles and joints that haven’t been utilized in quite this way for many months. This is a good time to consider massage therapy to keep you going and to keep your muscles, bones, and connective tissue in good working condition. The benefits of massage include:

Relieves stress, pain, pain induced anxiety, and muscle congestion
Improves range of motion increasing flexibility and muscle tone
Improves sleep patterns
Improves metabolic waste removal strengthening immune function
Improves alertness
Reduces swelling
Clears thinking
Encourages faster healing time
Relieves tension headaches
Provides a sense of well-being
Reduces fatigue
Supports white blood cell proliferation aiding our immune system
Reduces depression
Relives symptoms of nausea and vomiting for the cancer patient
Enhances body image

A professional massage therapist will apply the perfect techniques to muscles and joints to release tightness, cramping, spasms, and knots. Sometimes you only need a “specific massage” – working on the shoulders, neck, arms, back or legs rather than a whole body massage. These specific massage sessions are just as effective in providing the benefits of massage, feel great and can be thirty to sixty minute long.

Keep yourself going great all summer, schedule a massage to be at your optimal best so you can do whatever with greater ease and comfort. Absolute Body Balance in Raleigh offers a new client special, $55 one hour massage for your first session. Try massage at a discount, 919-841-9344, by appointment only. www.absolutebodybalance.com

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Massage for Dad!

Raleigh Sports Massage
Best Raleigh Massage 

With less than a week away from Father’s Day, have you decided what to get Dad this year?  If you’re having problems trying to come up with a great gift, consider giving him the gift of relaxation!  Whether Dad has a nine to five office job, travels internationally, or stays at home with the kids chances are he could benefit from a little relaxation.

Absolute Body Balance is offering one-hour Father’s Day gift certificates for $55.  That’s $15 off our regular price.  We could either arrange a time for you to pick up Dad’s gift certificate or mail it directly to Dad for $1 fee.  Our goal is to make everything as convenient as possible.

Once Dad is ready to make an appointment, he can either call our office or email us through our website.  That way he can decide which day and time works best for his schedule and what’s most convenient for him.  We will try and accommodate his first choice of day/time depending on if we have therapists available.  If we have at least a 24-hour notice, we can accommodate most requested days/times.

When massage day comes, Dad and one of our professional licensed therapists will sit down and discuss his client intake form and any goals he has in mind for the session.  From the information given, the massage will be customized just for him depending on any aches and pains he’s having or if he just needs relief from the day-to-day stresses.  Either way we’ll make sure Dad leaves our office feeling relaxed and stress free.

Absolute Body Balance will be offering Father’s Day gift certificates until Saturday, June 17th so don’t waste time and get yours today!!  Call our office at 919.841.9344 or visit our website at www.absolutebodybalance.com and we’ll gladly help you give Dad his best Father’s Day present yet!!