Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Massage for Low back Pain

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Second only to the common cold, low back pain is the second most common complaint across the country. It can be a nagging pain every time you sit or stand, a stabbing pain that causes difficulty breathing or a dull throbbing ache that your own hands reach backward to comfort throughout the day. Low back pain can even wake you from sleeping in the middle of the night or force you back into bed from your daytime job.

More clients each month are struggling with the pain and strain in their low backs that has started interfering with their daily lifestyles. Some complain of pain on both sides of the low back in a horizontal band while others experience the pain limited to only one side. Muscle spasms, exaggerated tightness, changes to posture, decreased range of motion and inflexibility can all accompany low back pain. Therapeutic massage addresses all of these issues as well as stress, which can be a contributing factor.

An appointment for this type of complaint may not be focused solely on the lower back area since other tight muscles can be directly related. Uneven worn workout and walking shoes can affect other muscles in the body so the massage therapist will need to address all of the connecting muscles in an attempt to provide overall relief. The first massage will be beneficial and reduce the discomfort but a follow-up is definitely encouraged to reevaluate and assess the muscles and their condition afterwards. The recommendation is usually a week to ten days and possibly again depending on how the client feels and is improving. But the most significant improvement is measured with regular therapy treatments.

Absolute Body Balance Massage offers a discount incentive for new clients, $55 for your first one hour massage, and package pricing for regular returning clients to save with multiple treatments. Massage provides so many benefits to assist in your pain relief and better well-being. Visit or call 919-841-9344 for more information.

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