Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Massage in Summer

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Summer is here! Many of us are increasingly active with more daylight hours and thoughts of a better beach body so we are doing more and maybe even doing some new exercises and fitness routines. We may also be experiencing new aches and pains from muscles and joints that haven’t been utilized in quite this way for many months. This is a good time to consider massage therapy to keep you going and to keep your muscles, bones, and connective tissue in good working condition. The benefits of massage include:

Relieves stress, pain, pain induced anxiety, and muscle congestion
Improves range of motion increasing flexibility and muscle tone
Improves sleep patterns
Improves metabolic waste removal strengthening immune function
Improves alertness
Reduces swelling
Clears thinking
Encourages faster healing time
Relieves tension headaches
Provides a sense of well-being
Reduces fatigue
Supports white blood cell proliferation aiding our immune system
Reduces depression
Relives symptoms of nausea and vomiting for the cancer patient
Enhances body image

A professional massage therapist will apply the perfect techniques to muscles and joints to release tightness, cramping, spasms, and knots. Sometimes you only need a “specific massage” – working on the shoulders, neck, arms, back or legs rather than a whole body massage. These specific massage sessions are just as effective in providing the benefits of massage, feel great and can be thirty to sixty minute long.

Keep yourself going great all summer, schedule a massage to be at your optimal best so you can do whatever with greater ease and comfort. Absolute Body Balance in Raleigh offers a new client special, $55 one hour massage for your first session. Try massage at a discount, 919-841-9344, by appointment only.

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