Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Raleigh Prenatal Massage

Absolute Body Balance
Raleigh Pregnancy Massage

We all know pregnancy brings about many new and exciting experiences. Along with them comes experiencing new and "exciting" aches and pains. Unless you're one of those women who have perfect pain-free pregnancies, massage therapy is an enjoyable way to beat those back pains, aching joints, and swelling.

It’s common knowledge that massage helps ease muscle stiffness, and pregnancy pains are no different. To put it simply, massage loosens tense muscles, taking pressure off the lower back, hips, and other achy joints. Studies show regular prenatal massage decreases sciatica, hip pain, leg cramps, headaches, and neck stiffness. Massage can also help with heartburn and acid reflux; better circulation to ease swelling in hands and legs/feet; and soothes the nervous system—which makes for a more peaceful nights’ sleep!

Massage also helps with muscle tone and flexibility, lowers blood pressure, and assists with blood flow to the uterus and placenta. This makes dealing with all those sudden changes a little bit easier, and less stress on you means less stress for baby and more time focusing on things that really matter: pink or blue accent wall?

So, massage is good for you AND baby! What better reason do you need?
Absolute Body Balance Massage offers new clients their first one hour massage at $55. Visit for more information or call 919-841-9344 to schedule!

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