Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 Time for Massage

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The new year is always a great excuse to try something new and different, replacing old habits with newer, healthy options. If you've never scheduled a massage with a licensed massage therapist, you may be wondering what to expect from your first one hour appointment. Maybe you have been to a spa or had chair massage at your office, but you read the reviews on Google and landed here.

Absolute Body Balance offers a warm and welcoming atmosphere that our clients find comfortable and relaxing. We have a small waiting area where new clients fill out a short intake form, and clients who have just finished their massage have an opportunity to reschedule before they leave our office.
Once you have filled out your form, a licensed massage therapist will show you back to the treatment room. Each client gets a few minutes to describe any areas of discomfort and communicate their goals for the session. The therapist also takes this time to explain the treatment plan that will best suit the client and their goals. If you want to relax and relieve the soreness from your new gym routine, the therapist may recommend a full body massage. Swedish techniques can include kneading and gliding over tense muscles to increase circulation and decrease tension. If you explain to the therapist that you slept wrong at your in-laws and have had a stiff neck ever since, your massage therapist may recommend that you spend the hour focused on all the major muscle groups that support the head and neck. Deep tissue techniques will be added to the Swedish massage to work out some of the knots and tension in your upper back and shoulder region.

Once the treatment plan is discussed, the therapist will leave the room and ask the client to undress, lie down on the table and be fully covered by sheet and blanket when they return. Some clients undress completely, which makes Swedish and deep tissue techniques easier to apply to certain areas of the low back, glutes and hips. If you are more comfortable keeping underclothes on then your therapist will work around it, but they will not massage under any clothing, so remember, if it is covered by clothing, there will be no lotion applied to that area. The lotions we use at Absolute Body Balance are made for sensitive skin and are free of any nut oils. Essential oils are not used unless requested because we understand that while one person may enjoy eucalyptus or patchouli, the scent is not for everyone.

During your massage, the therapist will check in to ask if you are comfortable. That may be related to the amount of pressure that they are applying to a knot, or they may ask you if you need any pillows to adjust the way you are lying on the table. You should know that at any time during the massage, you can request that the therapist applies more or less pressure, to turn the heat up or down or to adjust the level of music.

Your therapist will provide a peaceful experience and when the massage has ended, they will quietly excuse themselves and allow you the time to get dressed. At Absolute Body Balance, the therapist will meet you in the waiting room with a bottle of water to help refresh you back to reality. Payment is due at the end of the massage and your therapist may recommend a follow-up massage in a week or two, depending on your reason for the visit. After you leave, you may recieve an email or phone call to check in and ask you how your experience was and to confirm your next appointment.

Consider trying something new in 2019 and give us a call to schedule your first massage with Absolute Body Balance, 919-841-9344 or visit

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