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Raleigh Medical Massage

Raleigh Medical Massage
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Many of our clients ask us when it is best to come back for massage. However there isn't one specific answer because everyone is different. One fact that is true for everyone is that waiting until you are in pain to get a massage will cost you more time and money in the long run.

Listening to your body is the best way to judge optimal massage frequency. Too much massage isn't going to hurt you, but not everyone has their own budget for a weekly massage. The ideal time to get a massage is about one week before any pain starts to return. Keeping up with home care (stretching, exercise, hydration) can also extend your visits and budget. Although when you first start getting massage you will need to come in more often to address particular complaints;  most people find that the time between massages increases as it becomes more regular. This is because the benefits of massage dramatically increase with frequency. It is also helpful to know which muscles need more attention and work. As you learn which areas are over worked, you can focus on changing poor postural habits and increasing stretching/strengthening routines yourself which will increase the time between massages too.

Another reason for not waiting until you are in pain is that you will need more massage sessions back to back. This is because as one area starts to hurt, other areas start to compensate to protect the original problem. As the session begins you will start to notice painful areas you didn't even know existed. Trying to focus on more than a couple of areas will need more time, so either everything will feel a little better or only one area will feel better until you start to compensate again. This means you will need a few weekly or bi-weekly sessions to really get things under control again.

Luckily with massage, you can control how often its needed or not. Many have found that they can decrease pain and injury with a regular massage. If you come on a regular basis and make home care a routine, you will need fewer appointments to get optimal results. If you are getting regular massage they become maintenance. One of the benefits of massage is that it gives you an awareness of your body. You and the therapist can notice tense muscles before they become an injury. This helps to avoid extra massage, doctor visits and extended rest and healing.

Keeping up with massage can seem like a budget buster but if you think about the benefits, most will find they end up saving in the long run. Absolute Body Balance offers a discount for new clients so that the first one hour massage is only $55. By appointment only, 919-841-9344 or visit for more information.

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